New Guest Read This

Hello and welcome to Synergy Gaming! We are very excited you decided to check us out! Feel free to ask any questions you have to any of the moderators recruiters, or members! We are a newer community who loves to play games! As I’m sure you do as well! If you haven’t already be sure to apply. Also make sure to hit up teamspeak,  to speak with a recruiter or moderator about what the next steps are. There is usually people on in the afternoons. If no one responds after 10mins, come on after 4pm and someone will be there to help you. Just a side note you will not be able to move to any other channels other than the application ones. Also you will NOT be able to see anyone in teamspeak until after you have been set to a trial. Then you are free to roam to what ever game you like!!!!! 
I hope you enjoy your time here with us! We are a fun group of people, wild and crazy, and all of the above! See ya there! 
-Nomerci- Founder

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