Just Survive

Well as most of you already know, Daybreak finally brought back Z1, and I’m sure they saw an increase in traffic as well.  Since they brought back the better map, many of our clan members have come back to hang and play as well.  I mean, we all know how horrible “badwater” map was.  So come join us as we are up to our old shenanigans.


Some of you may have seen a few people playing the new Fortnite game on twitch and thought.. meh not my kind of game.  We’ll as the saying goes, “Don’t knock it until you try it”.  We have members who are enjoying this game, and says its quote “One of the better ones in a long time.”  If you want people to squad with, hit up teamspeak and we will be happy to play with ya!

H1Z1 Update

Say goodbye to Z1.. I know I know.. we are all very sad about this news… (besides Weasel and Eleven :P) but its something we are going to have to adjust to, as you would like any other game. We have not picked a server yet, as they are still working on this update, but as soon as I know, I will let you know. Meanwhile, we have a plan to get the base up ASAP. If you are a trial, sorry but you will not be in the same base, you will have to claim your own spot. We may have a Trial base, but since you can’t be on more than one stronghold, this will be the way it works for now. Change is good most of the time, and unfortunately we don’t have a choice and have to accept this.. Could be better, maybe less glitches because it is completely redone.
Good luck happy farming, and hope to see you in teamspeak!!!


H1Z1 Test Server Update

h1z1 camp new map

This is the latest Test server update. We don’t have a video for this yet, but according to them, it will be up very soon.. We can only hope. Once the test server is up, we are moving to the test server to play and hopefully get the bugs fixed within the game before it actually goes live. I’m sure many will be playing the test server as it is anticipated to be huge, so we want to go where the action is. Hope you will join us! #SummerOfH1Z1



PlayerUnknown Battleground

OKAY, Everyone has different views on this game. I think personally the game takes patients to get to know at first. Once you know it, It still takes patients, you can’t just run around like you can in H1Z1 KOTK. There is more strategy in this game than KOTK. You can’t jump out of cars, you need to have a good position, and always be aware of your surroundings.
There are a few issues that need to be fixed. For example; Looting. It isn’t as instant as it should be. I love the realistic aspects of the game. But if they are being realistic. I can run and loot at the same time because I would just garb the bag and run to a safe place. 🙂 But we all know that won’t happen.
Its more difficult to spot someone from far away. But thats what makes it great. You have bullet drop so you have to know where to shoot and how to shoot. Recoil is present, I love it! All in all its a fun game, takes more skill. So you may see some scrubs playing but they are the ones who end up not playing as much. Or in some cases, getting a refund :/ Please, its not that bad.


The Link above is to the Official Reddit page.

H1Z1 Update May 2017

So New updates coming to KOTK, Maybe it will compete with Battlegrounds, we shall see. Many people have said they prefer H1z1 over Battlegrounds, but there is pluses to both. Here is the producer’s letter for KOTK on Reddit.
Read it, looks promising but we all know how that goes!

Also adding the Q&A Reddit, so if you have any its right here at this link!


Here is a link to the H1Z1 Just Survive part, its an Editors Update. I think they are working on some changes but we shall see. Just something to maybe look forward too?


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