H1Z1 Update

Say goodbye to Z1.. I know I know.. we are all very sad about this news… (besides Weasel and Eleven :P) but its something we are going to have to adjust to, as you would like any other game. We have not picked a server yet, as they are still working on this update, but as soon as I know, I will let you know. Meanwhile, we have a plan to get the base up ASAP. If you are a trial, sorry but you will not be in the same base, you will have to claim your own spot. We may have a Trial base, but since you can’t be on more than one stronghold, this will be the way it works for now. Change is good most of the time, and unfortunately we don’t have a choice and have to accept this.. Could be better, maybe less glitches because it is completely redone.
Good luck happy farming, and hope to see you in teamspeak!!!


H1Z1 Test Server Update

h1z1 camp new map

This is the latest Test server update. We don’t have a video for this yet, but according to them, it will be up very soon.. We can only hope. Once the test server is up, we are moving to the test server to play and hopefully get the bugs fixed within the game before it actually goes live. I’m sure many will be playing the test server as it is anticipated to be huge, so we want to go where the action is. Hope you will join us! #SummerOfH1Z1